About our company

Insuraplex is a specialist builder in insurance reinstatement. Insuraplex evolved after a group of key staff from various companies working solely in the insurance industry decided that it was time to create something different. Our existing clients wanted an alternative.

The directors of Insuraplex appreciate to be the best we needed-

Insuraplex took three years of development and an enormous amount of work behind the scenes to ensure from day one we provided an alternative that exceeded our client’s requirements with -

At Insuraplex we are restoring the past and building the future.

about insuraplex


At Insuraplex we know that even the best systems and processes are not enough, we needed to come up with a strategy to attract and retain the best staff, the highest three reasons staff leave an organization is lack of autonomy to make decisions, being rewarded financially and being appreciated.

We have developed a software strategy that not only gives our staff autonomy but makes every action easy and time efficient.

At Insuraplex we have kept our ongoing overheads extremely low, purchasing our premises, vehicles and software outright. This ensures our overhead running costs are kept to an absolute minimum so we can share profit with our staff, rewarding and appreciating their efforts on an ongoing basis.

Our goal is to secure the best quality, most experienced staff in the industry. Our equitable profit-share arrangement has already attracted a pool of proven staff members that can be deployed as we grow - allowing us to quickly increase capacity during peak times when our clients need our help most.


Super service with the best quality works.


We have applied razor-sharp analysis to every stage of the insurance reinstatement process, using these insights to develop our own step-by-step approach. Automation is employed wherever possible, to allow our staff to concentrate on critical human-led elements and ensure the client’s needs are met every time, on every project.


After developing our new approach to insurance reinstatement, we turned to technology to help bring these ideas to life, quickly realising that no existing software package could deliver the key innovations and insights we required.

Instead, we worked with skilled software developers to design a custom solution that is logical, functional and easy to use.

Our bespoke software ensures consistent quality with the ability to see potential problems before they arise, prompting human intervention to minimise delays for our clients.


We cannot control where our next job will be and where our staff live, so we wanted a central location, after doing research and following the leads of all the major transport companies the best location was along the western ring road close to the Tullamarine freeway. This location allows immediate freeway access to head North, South, East or West and ensure we can cover the greater Melbourne area with ease.

Our construction managers who are located strategically find it easy to travel to the office through the day during site visits and for meetings etc.

We have the capacity to deliver quality work on your project, every time


As soon as we are given the opportunity to quote on or deliver a project, we begin strategising to find solutions for our clients.

Every project - large or small – is assigned a programme that determines not only when things will happen, but also when critical decisions and selections need to be made. At every stage, we are aggressively and transparently working towards the completion date – ensuring all key players are informed and on board.


Rather than working on our corporate image, we believe in investing in our product. We know that reducing issues and problems for our clients will result in consistent work and referrals to keep us busy, without needing to plough money into marketing spend. Ultimately, Insuraplex strives to reduce costs through proactively solving problems before they arise.


Having staff that have experienced the industry for multiple companies we appreciate that all builders are very reliant on the subcontractors, At Insuraplex we see our contractors as an extension of our staff, we only have contractors that have a proven personal track record that we know will have the capacity to deliver quality on your project every time. The biggest issue with establishing loyalty with contractors is payment, we pay on time every time with greatly reduced trading terms to ensure our contractors finish our projects first before our competitors. We ensure all our contractors are capable of restoring the past and building the future.

AICLA (Vic) Builder of the Year 2019