At Insuraplex we work for repeat clients in the insurance industry, we don’t want to provide every service in the building industry and sacrifice our quality. Insuraplex are happy to come out to your insurance claim and offer an opinion or assistance immediately after your fire or flood etc to assist our clients with potential savings from both a cost and time perspective. At Insuraplex we are restoring the past and building the future.


commercial factory insurance reinstatement

Commercial Factory Insurance Reinstatement

Insuraplex have over 25 years’ experience rebuilding commercial property, from small to large, basic to extremely complex.

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commercial shop / retail insurance reinstatement

Commercial Shop/Retail Insurance Reinstatement

We appreciate that disaster strikes unannounced, and the priority for retail tenants and landlords is to ensure ongoing business operations.

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entertainment venues insurance reinstatement

Entertainment Venues Insurance Reinstatement

Entertainment venues require speed when it comes to an insurance claim. Your customers need to be back at their favourite venue before they start feeling comfortable at your competitors.

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We have the capacity to deliver quality work on your project, every time

education facilities insurance reinstatement

Education Facilities Insurance Reinstatement

Displacing students from their everyday learning environment can be disruptive for children, parents, staff and the local community.

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residential insurance reinstatement

Residential Insurance Reinstatement

A family home is a special place. We know the emotional distress that occurs when disaster strikes, followed by the invasion of privacy when restoration begins.

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Super service with the best quality works.